Alphagreen is rolling out new features

Alphagreen is the leading platform for CBD and alternative healthcare products. In addition to the marketplace for consumers and businesses, the company provides brands with tech-enabled services.

Alphagreen's end to-end-tech solution increases customer reach and solves pain points for brands. Leveraging its in-house resources, Alphagreen provides systematic SEO to brands and paid advertising opportunities via a large publisher-network. Alphagreen integrates seamlessly with fulfillment partners to act as a digital storefront for brands looking to enter the UK or Europe and, in the near future, Asia.

Alphagreen's data & analytics solution helps shops and brands gain insight into consumer behaviour, demographics, and detailed product category performance.

The Dusseldorf-based subsidiary, Alphagreen Med, is in the process of receiving an import and distribution license to provide medical cannabis to German pharmacies. The goal is to leverage Alphagreen's digital infrastructure to penetrate the largest European medical market.

Alphagreen provides access to tried and tested lab-certified products from all over the world, both in the medicinal space and legal cannabinoid and alternative healthcare markets.